The Formula + Equation

Individium is the juxtaposition of two words: ”Individual” (a person) and the suffix “ium” (a common denominator for chemical element names such as Helium, Sodium, Calcium, Plutonium).

Inspired by the periodic table of the chemical elements (where each element is distinct with its own characteristics), Individium celebrates a universe of 6 billion individuals who are unique, different and wonderfully fashioned.

The Hypothesis

Individium came to being on one random day, out of vibrating molecules of creativity and a small spark of innovation. It all started with one element and it slowly grew into a full-fledged Human Periodic Table.

The human species have always been an enigma with its enormous diversity in terms of our individual habits, personalities, philosophies, beliefs and etc.

We’re like a kaleidoscope, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts, making us humans unique on our own, but even more breathtaking in our differences as a collective whole.

What People Think of Us


The Creators of Individium



Creative Director

Funky OCD who arranges his books according to colour because alphabetical order is too mainstream. Completely obsessed with details and a total perfectionist to the core. Loves giving pretentious, artistic comments when it comes to abstract paintings.



Managing Director

Easy-going and fun-seeking idealist. Enjoys artistic pursuits despite being not very artistic hence, marrying a designer to balance the equation. Supports local movie productions and would sit through boring hours of award-winning movies out of respect for the filmmaker.

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