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We are really grateful to have been featured on the latest edition of CUTOUT Magazine, the leading design magazine in Malaysia with a large fanbase. We personally enjoy reading this magazine as it offer insightful content on topics ranging from graphic design, lifestyle, tips for graphic designers and highlights of local talent. CUTOUT Magazine recently won the Design Mark Winner of 2014’s Golden Pin Design Award -Taiwan.



Here’s more about Cutout Magazine:

“CUTOUT is built upon an idea that graphic design is universal and fun. Being the premier local graphic design magazine in Malaysia, CUTOUT embraces the idea and explores the possibilities of design in every page. Published quarterly and compact in size, CUTOUT offers practical know-how for all levels of graphic designers.

CUTOUT covers topics ranging from graphic design to pop culture and anything that’s design-related. These include feature interviews, artwork showcase and how-to articles. Its purpose is to entertain, inspire and inform readers about issues and events of importance to them.

A publication like this requires much more than journalistic writing or superb layout; it demands a great deal of passion, impulse, energy and a knack for visual communication.

CUTOUT is published three times a year (February, June & October).”

If you have not gotten your hands on this awesome magazine, head on over to https://www.facebook.com/cutoutmag/ or http://www.cutoutmag.com/ to find out how you can subscribe. The good news is, you can get CutOut magazine at our designer’s collective retail store, SUPERMART COLLECTIVE at Sunway Pyramid by mid Nov 2014.

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